Clean Technology

What is Clean Technology?

Clean technology (cleantech), also known as green technology (Greentech), is a process, product, or service that aims to optimize the use of natural resources while reducing the negative effect of technology on the planet and its ecosystems.

Cleantech is enabling a transformation to a more resource-efficient and low-carbon model— a shift that holds the potential to trigger a new industrial and technological revolution.

What are Some Examples of Clean Technologies?

The examples of cleantech include all the relatively new sustainable energy sources like wind and wave power, or improved conventional energy production processes, such as smart electric grids.

Why is Clean Technology Important?

There is a global need to adopt clean technology solutions due to the climate emergency being declared by governments worldwide. Clean technologies are essential for both developing and developed countries as they help address grave concerns like greenhouse gas emissions, shortages in natural resources, deforestation, and water and air pollution.

How does Clean Technology Help with Sustainable Manufacturing?

When applied to a manufacturing process, the concept of clean technology can help improve the environmental conditions by converting the effluents into harmless or useful materials and optimizing the utilization of raw materials and energy at a reasonable cost. The manufacturing industries that can integrate clean technologies with their technical and financial decisions will play an important role in winning the future race.

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