Deforestation is large-scale clearing and removal of forest cover or tree plantations to make space for agricultural, industrial, or urban use. In simple terms, deforestation is the destruction of the forest to accommodate human needs.

What are the Causes of Deforestation?

The following are the main causes of deforestation:

  1. A massive amount of trees are being cut down to grow crops due to the overgrowing demand for food. According to FAO, 80% of deforestation took place due to agricultural activities.
  2. The need to meet the demands of wood-based industries like paper, match-sticks, furniture, etc.
  3. Urbanization and expansion of cities.
  4. Forest fires.
  5. The growing human population which requires more land to establish new settlements. Natural calamities such as hurricanes and floods.
  6. Invasion of parasites into the forest ecosystem.

What are the Effects of Deforestation?

The following are the adverse effects of deforestation:

  1. Increase in carbon dioxide levels in the atmosphere.
  2. Climate imbalance and climate change.
  3. Various animal and plant species lose their natural habitat n which leads to their extinction.
  4. Increased greenhouse effect and global warming.
  5. More acidic oceans due to an increase in carbon dioxide levels.
  6. Significant disturbances in the water cycle.
  7. Increase in air pollution and loss of biodiversity.
  8. Deforestation directly or indirectly makes way for the propagation of many infectious diseases.

How to Control Deforestation?

The following strategies can be used to control deforestation.

  1. Banning cutting of forests.
  2. Forest fire is one of the major causes of deforestation; thus, forest fire should be controlled.
  3. Reforestation and afforestation to increase forest cover.
  4. Implement policies and strict laws to prevent illegal logging.
  5. Encouraging farmers to implement the eco-friendly agricultural practice.
  6. Every individual can stimulate the slowdown of deforestation by implementing the Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle principle in their daily lives.
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