Visual Pollution

Visual pollution can be attractive to the eyes but simultaneously affects eyesight and causes visual and mental stress.

What are the Causes of Visual Pollution?

Visual contamination may be caused by the misuse of advertising tools like excessive usage of illuminated billboards for advertising, neon lighting boards, and animations on roads. Visual pollution also occurs when the area is overcrowded with piles of trash, fumes from industries, antennas, electric wires, tall buildings in congested areas, vehicles, giant billboards, and bold neon boards.

What are the Effects of Visual Pollution?

  1. Visual pollution affects human eyes and visual memory, and it also leads to distraction, eye strain, and mental stress.
  2. Visual pollution on a higher level can distract our eyes significantly, leading to eye fatigue and other serious problems.
  3. Visual pollution can exist in our area without us realizing how much it affects us due to attractive visuals, which distract people's attention on the roads or streets.

How to Prevent Visual Pollution?

  1. Visual pollution can be prevented by limiting physical advertising.
  2. The removal of solid waste from the streets would improve the visual appearance.
  3. Protect and enhance the urban and architectural qualities of individual buildings, groups, sectors, and districts that blend in with the city's landscape. Higher fines could be imposed on vandalism and better control mechanisms to reduce the incentive for vandalism, resulting in fewer visual pollution issues.
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