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Solving the Plastic Waste Issue - Mark Minneboo from Plastic Oceans (#3)

Mark is in charge of development, network building, foreign relations, and education programs geared toward the Latin American market. He advocates for Chile's transition to a circular economy in many workgroups.
Solving the Plastic Waste Issue - Mark Minneboo from Plastic Oceans (#3)

Since June 2017, Mark Minneboo has worked as the executive director of Plastic Oceans Chile, and since 2020, as the Regional Director of Plastic Oceans Latin America. He is also a member of the board of the Chilean Plastics Pact.

He collaborates with businesses, NGOs, government agencies, and international embassies to build a multi-sectoral network to manage the transition. Mark often presents local and worldwide examples to demonstrate how will, teamwork, and vision can lead to change.

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Show Notes

  • What is Mark doing? Where is he from? [0:55]
  • What is Plastic Oceans International doing as a foundation? [1:18]
  • What are the main causes of the plastic waste issue? Why do we need to change the way humans think? [4:05]
  • How can we start a systemic change? Who are the main stakeholders? [6:45]
  • How can we get people to change their behavior? What are the main challenges here? [11:00]
  • How many other changemakers like him has Mark met? [14:33]
  • What separates Plastic Oceans from other organizations? [15:42]
  • How does work on legislation look like? How much does it take to make an actual change? What are the most complex issues when it comes to that? [19:03]
  • How do we get the consumer to start being thoughtful? How can we educate people across different generations? [23:10]
  • What has this mission done to the quality of Mark's life? [26:20]
  • How do they get volunteers to help? What types of volunteers do they have? How can they maximize their efforts? [28:16]
  • How can someone get involved and help Plastic Oceans? [30:16]
  • How can we promote circular economy and create systemic change? What do we need to change in our way of thinking? [33:40]
  • What do the different types of volunteers usually do? [36:00]
  • Parting thoughts. [36:29]
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