Inspire the world to make a positive difference by getting your writing published on the #1 changemaker community

Inspire the world to make a positive difference by getting your writing published on the #1 changemaker community

Share your insights, stories and ideas on

We’re looking for experienced writers with different backgrounds to contribute informative, high-quality guest posts to the community.

By regularly sharing insights with, you build trust and set yourself up as a subject matter expert readers can rely on.

Build recognition as an impact maker

We are creating a platform for specialists and enthusiasts like yourself to share your knowledge.

As an author, you’ll build credibility in two ways:

  1. Being published on, the first platform created with the goal to become a catalyst to shift humans’ focus towards doing good as the primary investment of their time and energy.
  2. Authoritative publication and resource to share with prospective partners, employees, and clients — demonstrating your expertise and knowledge shared on

What should you write about?

Primarily we are interested in anything that helps the environment. You can consider any topic that highlights an opportunity to make a difference in the world, no matter how big or small, that would make for an informative reading experience for our readers.

The goal at is to help spread knowledge and ideas that could hopefully motivate others to make a difference and move towards a better future.

Does your guest post pass our requirements?

  1. Does your article provide relevant information about a specific aspect of a global or local issue?
  2. Does your article inform on a current issue or resource that some community members may be unaware of but should be?
  3. Does your article offer a potential solution for resolving a common yet complex situation and/or show how individuals can take part?

Simple main guidelines

Please review our guest post guidelines below to learn more about how you can share your expertise with the community. Your article should be:

  1. Previously unpublished
  2. Submitted as a Google Document (you need to include the link to your draft when you fill out the application form)
  3. 700-1500 words min
  4. An inspiring and/or educational article that is free of selling, promoting, vendor recommendations, political leanings, and religion
  5. Posts may include 2-3 high-resolution commercial use images that are related to your post.

You’re published!

Once your article is live, we need to make sure it gets in front of the right eyeballs!

These are a few of our recommendations for marketing your articles:

  1. Add your article title and link to your email signature
  2. Include the link in your next company newsletter
  3. Email the article to your staff and stakeholders
  4. Draft a plan to share on all social media channels, not just today, but over several weeks/months
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